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Is it safe to travel to Iceland?

Iceland is currently undergoing its 4th volcanic eruption in the last 4 months.

Why does traveling to Iceland remains absolutely safe?

Many people probably remember the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in 2010, which paralyzed European airspace for several days and covered with ash thousand square kilometers.

But that volcano was erupting from the glacier, the collision of hot magma with thousand-year-old ice led to the creating of huge clouds of ash, which caused the main trouble.

The current volcanoes in Iceland are completely different. They all take place far away from the glaciers. Lava flows from a fault in the earth's crust, which stretches for several kilometers.

And Iceland is providing excellent volcano-management and controls seemingly uncontrollable natural phenomena. Government has built five-meter walls to stop lava and prevent it from destroying important infrastructure.

Government has managed to build a new water and heating supply system in few days to replace the one that was destroyed by the volcano and left several towns without hot water.

We already know that an entire town can be evacuated in a few hours.

And the main fact is that these volcanoes did not claim a single human life. And by the way, not a single flight was rescheduled. This is the best confirmation that when you come to Iceland, you remain completely safe and even have good chance to see this exciting phenomenon with your own eyes.

Unless, you go for a walk on fresh lava. ;-)


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