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Business Challenge in Iceland is a unique travel and training experience for teams.


It is a mix of strategic planning sessions, team building and travel experience. We will lead the team through the very special business and natural landscapes of Iceland, creating the perfect environment for strategic brainstorming, a professional reboot and team travel challenge.

The idea:

Companies all over the world are facing business challenges that are becoming tougher every year. Owners are putting more and more efforts into providing efficient Change Management and inventing new successful business strategies in the context of constantly changing global and local challenges.

Current business risks, according to the World Economic Forum, are: extreme weather conditions, AI-generated disinformation, social and political polarization, the cost-of-living crisis and cyberattacks.

Iceland has been successfully dealing with most of these challenges for many years. The country is world-renowned for its economic advancement, social stability and technological innovation. Iceland deals daily with extreme natural disasters, such as volcanoes and super-strong winds. Also, Iceland ranks highly in international comparisons of national performance in areas such as quality of life, education, protection of civil liberties, government transparency and economic freedom.

Therefore, this country is a perfect training ground for learning successful business and government strategies that meet today's risks and opportunities, and for conducting strategic planning sessions with deep immersion in the Icelandic context and participation of local strategists.

The program:


Strategic planning meeting with local business experts


Exploring successful cases of local Icelandic businesses


Visiting leading Icelandic companies and teams


Team challenges in the Icelandic nature and activities 


Relax and celebration with team 

Our services include the following:

Creating the bright and unique concept of your event in Iceland. A truly creative event concept will always combine problem-solving with creative solutions. 

Choosing the best way to implement this idea within your budget and using Iceland’s capabilities in the best possible way. 

Managing every step carefully will make this project stressless and easy for you.



+354 612 33 65 


Download presentation

Download presentation

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