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About us

My name is Yulia Zhatkina

I founded Iceland Challenge Travel with a passion for delivering exceptional travel experiences.

I was born and raised in Ukraine until the war, started by russia, forced my family and me to leave our homeland in search of safety. Upon arriving in Iceland, I began working for a local travel agency specializing in cruise ship tourism. While this period was invaluable, my ambitions extended beyond what the company could offer, leading me to establish my own travel agency.

I hold four higher education degrees, including an MBA, and have extensive experience in event management and client relations, having worked in these fields for many years.

Having traveled extensively both within Iceland and around the world, I understand what it takes to create unforgettable experiences for my clients.

In both life and business, I build relationships based on transparency and trust. My goal is to exceed my guests' expectations, ensuring they leave Iceland with the best impressions and lifelong memories. My guests are special to me, and I strive to make sure they always feel that way.

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Meet the team

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What makes us special?


We care

We know how to carefully listen and hear our Clients, so you always get exactly what you really want.


We support

When you visit a new country far from home, you want to feel safe and confident. With us, you'll receive our support from the moment you send us your first message until you return home happy.


We take responsibility 

We have valid license from Icelandic official authorities. It means that your rights are fully  protected by the Icelandic government, and our company is acting according to Icelandic law and travel industry regulations.


We stand for peace

We do not cooperate with individuals who support the war in Ukraine. 

A portion of our profit is donated to Ukrainian families affected by russian military invasion. 

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